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Lion Totem

The Leo totem is a symbol of power and dignity. This totem is aimed at achieving goals, it will do it with pride and great creative energy.

The spirit animal Leo can come into your life when you are facing a moment of weakness. This totem comes to strengthen you, to encourage you to move forward with courage and determination. Such a patron will be a good helper for those who know what they want from life! Leo's help includes lessons in using power in leadership. This is the ability to lead without urgent orders. The lion represents the symbol of Kings and rulers, Autocrats and Monarchs. Only from the photo of the lion on Depositphotos can you understand what it is. This spiritual animal in your life means that you must take a leading position. To do this, you must learn to control your fear, anger and wild emotions. Leo qualities are courage and constancy, wearing a talisman with lion symbols will strengthen them. If your symbol or totem is Leo, then get ready to carry its banner with pride!


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